Virtual Restaurant Builder™ is the only program in the world with the exact steps, tools and templates to open a profitable Virtual Restaurant (a delivery-only restaurant) in around 60 days.

Not an academic course, but a battle-tested and kitchen-tested implementation program to help you open your new Virtual Restaurant efficiently, effectively and successfully.


1) Anybody who wants to get into the restaurant business for substantially less cost and risk than opening a traditional brick-and-mortar location. For example, food truck operators, caterers, chefs, cooks, foodies, influencers, investors, and entrepreneurs. ​

2) Existing restaurateurs who want to generate new sales and profits in a short time period with relatively low investment to save or grow their business.


Virtual Restaurant Builder™ is a digital online program with videos, templates, cheat sheets, ongoing mentorship and more. It takes you from zero to opening your Virtual Restaurant in just a few weeks.

The entire course is available the moment you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. You can download audio files for each lesson and a full transcript of every lesson.


The Builder™ was developed by Virtual Restaurant Consulting, the #1 consultancy exclusively focused on Virtual Restaurants and cloud kitchens. 

We publish the industry’s most comprehensive news site, operate the leading consultancy, and offer a full range of services to build and license Virtual Restaurant Brands.

More importantly, we operate over fifty Virtual Restaurants of our own. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk.


Restaurant industry experts agree that the massive shift towards off-premise dining is a major threat to the profitability and even survival of many independent restaurants.

Opening a Virtual Restaurant using this program is a chance to level the playing field and create additional revenue streams in a relatively short time at a relatively low cost.

Ignoring this shift in consumer demand could be extremely costly, and trying to open a successful Virtual Restaurant without the necessary expert advice and guidance would be a major challenge.


YES! This Builder™ saves thousands on the cost of one-on-one consulting. Instead of meeting with one consultant on a given day for a limited time, you have access to the best, battle-tested plans, tools, ideas, templates and more from our entire team who live in the Virtual Restaurant world 24/7. And then you have access to us to consult on more specific issues or challenges you may have. 

This Builder™ is the ultimate program containing the best of the best of everything we learned, and continue to learn, from owning, operating, and consulting on hundreds of Virtual Restaurants. 




A complete Virtual Restaurant Boot Camp with 44 instructional and educational videos logically and efficiently organized into six building blocks.


All the tools, tips and step-by-step guides to opening a profitable Virtual Restaurant in around 60 days.


Exclusive time and money-saving Pro-Tips. Our kitchen-tested tips will help you open and run your Virtual Restaurant efficiently and profitably.


Full support via a private Facebook Group, and direct mentorship and guidance from the #1 operators in the industry.


A downloadable audio file of every lesson so you can listen to the Builder™ at your convenience.


All the resource guides, links, templates and spreadsheets you need.


A downloadable transcript of every lesson so you can review the Builder™ content at your convenience.


Course structured using BRILT (Better Results In Less Time) and Lean Startup (Build-Measure-Learn) methodologies.


Your purchase of the Virtual Restaurant Builder™ includes an incredible bonus package worth thousands in real-world savings.


A four-hour consulting package with of our Virtual Restaurant experts. This alone is worth the price of the Builder™ and can be used to discuss anything concerning Virtual Restaurants or even to help launch your restaurant.


A complete performance review of your new Virtual Restaurant after 90 days using our proprietary analytics software and in-house benchmarks. We identify areas that can be improved and recommend action items.


A $500 credit towards the cost of our Virtual Restaurant Accelerator™ program. When you are ready to scale your Virtual Restaurant strategy we are here to help and potentially even partner with you.



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This is an outline of the entire course.

  • Welcome To The Builder™ - 

    This first video welcomes you to the course, and shows you the benefits you can expect over the coming weeks. In addition we explain:

    How to get the most out of this course
    How to join our Facebook Group
    How to get support and answers to any questions

  • Builder Outline - 

    In this video we give you the 30,000 ft view of the entire course.

    The Builder™ is divided into six Building Blocks, together with this introduction and the valuable bonus section. This video provides a brief outline of the content in each building block. 


Overview - 

This video provides a brief overview of the first building block. This is where we create the success blueprint for your Virtual Restaurant and establish a great foundation.

We help you identify and refine your goals and expectations.
We review the important operational decisions of where you are going to cook, who will cook, what equipment will you need, and what staff will you need.
We examine who you will be cooking for. In other words, we research your target customer.
We share some incredibly powerful and effective techniques to identify and research your competition, and then work on your Unique Selling Proposition.
We show you ways to create a killer brand, including a name, logo and tagline.
We explain the basic financial reports you will need to start and operate your virtual restaurant.
We review everything necessary to make your business legal, such as insurance, employee identification number, business structure, health and safety permits, and more.

  1. Goals & Expectations - 

    This video helps you really evaluate, understand and identify your goals and expectations. We answer the questions:

    Why did you invest in the Virtual Restaurant Builder?
    What do you want to achieve by the end of the program?
    What do you expect that will do for you?
    Then we focus on the concept for your Virtual Restaurant.

  2. Where, How & For Whom - 

    So far we have established the who, why and what. Who you are, why you want to open a virtual restaurant, and what you want to cook.

    The next important questions are:

    Where will you prepare and cook your menu?
    How will you cook it?
    Who will cook it?
    In other words what is the location of your kitchen, what resources will that require, and who will your customers be?

    We also explain something called product-market fit, and show you how to make sure you have customers for your new restaurant concept.

  3. Crushing Your Competition - 

    In this video we look at ways to research your competition and then create a plan to be better and beat them. We show you how to:

    Identify your direct competitors
    See what their customers think about them
    Get some clarity on how you are going to compete with and ultimately beat them

  4. Creating A Killer Brand - 

    In this video we do some fun and creative tasks. If you don’t already have a name in mind, we show you how to select a great name and logo for your new Virtual Restaurant.

    We will also tell you a few things to avoid, and we discuss slogans or taglines too.

  5. Show Me The Money - 

    In this video we help you create a budget for your Virtual Restaurant startup costs, and then we explain the benefits of a short-term cash flow forecast, and show you how to create your own.

    We provide sample Excel templates for both of these important financial reports.

  6. I Am The Law - 

    In this video we cover all the steps to make sure your new Virtual Restaurant is on a solid legal foundation. These include:

    choosing the correct business legal structure
    getting an employment identification number or tax ID number
    getting the required licenses and permits
    making sure you have the correct insurance and enough coverage  


Overview - 

This video is an overview of the second building block of the Virtual Restaurant Builder™ where we design, create, test cook, and price version 1.0 of your actual menu.

This is what we cover:

the menu blueprint
your menu goals
the constraints and criteria for your menu design
customer criteria, operational criteria, and profitability criteria
menu logistics and modifiers
cooking logistics
menu pricing methods
menu descriptions
food photography
how to create your website

  1. Menu Success Blueprint -  

    This video is called the Menu Success Blueprint and we cover the importance of the menu, the menu goals, and the criteria that a good menu must satisfy.

    Your menu dictates:

    How you run your business
    What will be produced
    What type of equipment and ingredients are needed
    What skills your employees will need

  2. Creating Menu 1.0 - 

    In this video we show you how to create the first version of your menu. The process starts off with brainstorming recipe ideas which must satisfy all the criteria we discussed in the previous sections.

    We then discuss test cooking each item and adapting it until you are happy that the menu you have created is deliverable, tasty, and looks great.

    Finally, we show you how to create a recipe master of each menu item to ensure consistency and profitability.

  3. Three-Step Menu Pricing Method - 

    Menu pricing is both an art and a science. If you end up pricing too high you are going to lose customers to competitors. If you price too low you may sell more but you may not make any higher profits or even worse, fail to cover your operating costs.

    In this video we show you how to use a highly effective 3-step menu pricing model that we find works well for our needs and should do for yours too. 

  4. Delicious Menu Descriptions - 

    This video is called delicious menu descriptions and we are going to show you how to write smart descriptions for your menu. We are going to show you how to describe each item on the menu in a 3-step process:

    Name the dish
    Explain the ingredients
    Add the sell

  5. Food Porn - 

    This video is called Food Porn and it’s all about creating the most interesting, stunning, sexy and appealing images of your food.

    In this video we cover:

    the equipment you will need
    the locations that work best
    the tips and techniques for taking the best photos

  6. World-Class Website - 

    This final video in building block 2 is called Your World Class Website, and we cover how to create a professional, informative, visually appealing digital storefront for your restaurant. In other words, your website.  


Overview - 

This video provides an overview of building block three called “Mastering Virtual Restaurant Technology" where we focus on how to select and implement a system to accept online orders, take payments, and arrange delivery, all in an efficient, cost-effective seamless manner.

We examine several methods to achieve this including:

Outsourced systems
In-house systems
Hybrid systems
Parallel systems

  1. Outsourced Systems - 

    In this first video of building block 3 we cover outsourcing your order acceptance, payment and delivery. This means partnering with one or more third-party delivery platforms such as Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats or Postmates. These third-party food delivery companies provide an all-inclusive integrated service which covers:

    marketing to the customer
    taking the order online
    accepting and authorizing the credit card payment and handling fraud
    sending the order digitally to your virtual restaurant kitchen
    picking up the food from you
    delivering the food to your customer
    allowing your customer to track progress
    providing customer support
    and finally allowing the customer to provide feedback and rate your food

  2. In-House Systems - 

    In this second video of building block 3 we cover establishing your own in-house order acceptance, payment and delivery system. To do this you need a method to accept orders online, take and verify credit card payments, and deliver the food as soon as it is ready.

    There are several online and app-based food ordering systems for restaurants. Some of these are provided by manufacturers of restaurant point of sale systems while others are standalone services. We show you how to operate your own in-house system.

  3. Hybrid & Parallel Systems - 

    In this third video of building block 3 we compare the outsourced third-party delivery option with an in-house system, and we introduce the idea of a hybrid and parallel system.

    Then we give you our recommendations on which method to implement.



Overview - 

This video is an overview of building block four called "Effective Marketing". This is what we cover in this expansive and important building block.

Creating your Virtual Restaurant marketing plan
Marketing tools
Your Google strategy
Review sites and managing reviews
Email marketing
Social media marketing
Printed materials and direct mail
Location based mobile marketing
Third-party platform promotions
Once we have covered all of this, we suggest a Minimum Viable Marketing plan for your new restaurant.

  1. Marketing Plan - 

    in this video we help you create a marketing plan that will address:

    What marketing activities you are planning
    Why you have chosen these forms of marketing
    When you are going to implement your marketing
    How long each marketing activity will last
    How much each marketing activity will cost

  2. Marketing Tools - 

    This video examines and explains your marketing tools which include:

    your brand, logo, and tagline
    your marketing collateral which refers to all the photos and videos you use
    your website

  3. Google Strategy - 

    Although Google is not the only search engine, it dominates the search engine market. Around 90% of all searches are performed on or powered by Google, so it makes sense to have a serious Google strategy. In this video we cover a three-part Google strategy.

    The first is to set up and maintain your Google My Business pages.

    The second component is to consider a local SEO or search engine optimization strategy.

    Finally, we discuss paid search advertising, sometimes known as pay-per-click advertising on Google.

  4. Review Sites & Reviews - 

    Ratings and reviews can make or break a restaurant. Between customers, social media influencers, and critics, positive reviews can ignite your virtual restaurant sales, while negative reviews can drive potential customers away.

    In this video we cover:

    Claiming your pages and profiles on the major review sites
    Managing and responding to positive and negative reviews

  5. Email Marketing -

    Email marketing may seem rather old-fashioned to some, but it can be an effective tool in your marketing arsenal, and it’s free so you should certainly take advantage of it, if you can.

    In this video we cover:

    What type of emails to send
    Where to send your emails
    How to send your emails 

  6. Social Media Marketing - 

    This video is called Social Media Marketing and we cover a lot together.

    First, we consider which social media channels or platforms you should use, meaning Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. You will almost certainly not have the resources to be active on every platform, nor is that necessary. So we help you focus on the most important channels for your restaurant.

    Next, we explore what to post on the platforms you have chosen. Social media is all about content, and this will be an area you need to focus on.

    Finally, we examine the benefits and costs of paid social media advertising.

  7. Printed Materials & Direct Mail - 

    This marketing channel may surprise some of you. Everything about a Virtual Restaurants implies new technology and digital formats. So why would you even consider printed materials and direct mail as part of your marketing campaign?

    The short answer is that this marketing method can be highly effective.

    In this video we cover:

    What to print
    How to distribute you printed materials
    How to evaluate your direct mail performance

  8. Location Based Mobile Marketing - 

    Location based mobile marketing is a relatively new form of marketing that is gaining in popularity. It is also sometimes called SMS. SMS stands for "short message service," which is another phrase for texting.

    In this video we explain what that is, and suggest a few ways you might want to test out this form of marketing.

  9. Third-Party Platform Promotions - 

    Video nine in this marketing block covers promotions on the third-party delivery apps. You might expect this to be a huge topic with a multitude of different options. Surprisingly, that is not the case, and at the present time the promotional options on the third-party platforms are quite limited.

    In this video we explain:

    How you can sign up or be invited to join the promotional activity on the third-party delivery apps.

    What types of promotions are available and have been effective, in our experience.  

  10. Minimum Viable Marketing Plan - 

    In this tenth and final video of this marketing block, we cover the importance of

    keeping your marketing plan up to date
    measuring and reviewing your results
    and revising your plan accordingly
    Then we recommend a minimum viable marketing plan.



Overview - 

This video is an overview of building block five about building a well-oiled machine.

Now that you have designed and tested your menu, put in place a system to accept orders and deliver them, and formulated a plan to tell people about your great food, it’s time to make sure you can keep your promises.

In this building block we cover how to run virtual restaurant operations like a well-oiled machine. This is the operational block of the builder. Where you put into action everything you have planned so far, in order to create an efficient, seamless, daily operational process from order taking through delivery.

  1. The Mighty Tablet - 

    Once you have signed up on the third-party delivery platforms, completed all the requirements, signed a contract, and arranged for photos, you will be on standby for your tablet to arrive. The tablet is your link to the third-party platforms, and your command and control center for all related operations from order acceptance, to menu updates, to financial and performance reporting.

    In this video, we take you through the process of receiving your tablet, setting up your dashboard, and reviewing the functions of your new control and command center.

  2. Order Up - 

    This video is called Order Up, and we work through a typical six step order sequence, that you will have in your virtual restaurant multiple times a day.

    Although each system, whether in-house or outsourced, will operate slightly differently, the general order flow and dispatch will follow a similar path which generally involves:

    Receiving an order
    Accepting an order – or reverting back to the customer
    Printing an order
    Preparing an order
    Packing and checking an order
    Dispatching an order with a courier, or your own delivery driver, or in some cases a customer pick up

  3. Smooth Daily Operations - 

    The day-to-day of running your Virtual Restaurant is very similar to operating a traditional storefront. Aside from your digital storefront, and customers being remote to you, the kitchen and food production require the same diligence and professionalism needed operating successful restaurants worldwide.

    Controlling labor costs, inventory, and cost of goods sold are critical. Whilst your labor costs may be lower, you will need to keep a very close eye on packaging materials and condiments.

    In this video we show you how to facilitate the smooth daily operations of your virtual restaurant. We offer you our best ideas and recommendations based on our own experience, our clients, and feedback from our third-party partners.

  4. Handling Problems The Right Way - 

    This final video in building block 5 of the Virtual Restaurant Builder called Handling Problems The Right Way.

    Despite your hard work and best intentions, issues will arise. The way you handle these will be important to your restaurant success. In this video we examine some best practices for dealing with problems.



Overview - 

This video provides an overview of building block six, titled Build-Measure-Learn-Repeat.

A Virtual Restaurant is a data driven business. It is also still a restaurant, so consistently delivering high quality, tasty food, quickly and accurately to customers, remains the highest priority. We continue to stress this as a warning to not get overwhelmed or obsessed with data points. However, at the same time, the careful and efficient analysis of data will help to vastly improve your operations, efficiency, marketing and profitability.

In this final building block we examine data feedback in these five areas of your virtual restaurant:






  1. Menu Engineering - 

    The goal of menu engineering is to increase your Virtual Restaurant profitability. To achieve this, you need to analyze the profitability and popularity of all your menu items. In this video we explain the seven-step menu engineering process:

    Consolidate your sales data
    Rank your menu items according to popularity and list the rank each item. This is often referred to as a product mix report in the restaurant trade
    Calculate the total dollar sales of each menu item as well as the number of items sold
    Cost your menu
    Rank your menu items according to profitability and rank each item by quantity
    Based on reviewing this information, redesign your menu, or parts of your menu
    Test your new menu

  2. Magnificent Marketing Metrics - 

    This video is called Magnificent Marketing Metrics, and we review how to effectively monitor the performance of your marketing activities, and improve the results.

    Modern digital marketing is measurable in a way advertisers 20 years ago could never have dreamed of. Every digital marketing tool you use will include some form of performance measurement, often referred to as analytics.

  3. Reputation Management Metrics - 

    This video is called Reputation Management Metrics, and we cover how to effectively monitor and manage your reviews. Unlike the earlier video where we explained how to respond to reviews, in this performance feedback section, we are more concerned with tracking the quality of reviews, and the trends over time.

    We explain how to create a weighted average of your reviews, to better reflect the number of customers reviewing your restaurant, as well as their level of satisfaction.

  4. Operational Performance Reviews - 

    Your operational performance review covers the daily operations of your virtual restaurant, and the entire production process from ordering ingredients and supplies, to order taking, through cooking and delivery.

    An accurate and intelligent review of your daily operations is crucial to the success of your new Virtual Restaurant.

  5. Financial Review - 

    It is appropriate that the final video in the final building block should be concerned with finances. After all, a major reason for opening your virtual restaurant was to make money. At the end of every month, or at the very least quarterly, your business should create three reports. These are:

    Profit and Loss Statement
    Cash Flow Forecast with Variance Analysis
    Balance Sheet 


  1. Bonus - In this short video we explain how to claim all the valuable bonuses we included in this course.
  2. Next Steps - In this final video we outline some possible next steps to take your Virtual Restaurant Strategy to a new level.

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