Open A Successful Two Hens Delivery-Only Restaurant In As Little As 30 Days




 A complete proven, profitable, delivery-only menu package.


Pricing, cooking, and ingredient sourcing guides.


Branding, marketing materials, professional food photos, and a custom website.


Set up of your social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business.


Set up and launch of your new restaurant on a third-party delivery platform.


We manage all your your social media for a full six months after launch.


We manage all your promotions for a full six months after launch.


A comprehensive digital training program covering all aspects of Virtual Restaurant operations.



A delivery-only restaurant (also called a virtual or ghost restaurant) operates out of your existing kitchen but has a menu different from your existing menu, and it's only available for delivery.

Customers order from you online using third-party delivery platforms such as Postmates, Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grubhub, who also manage the payments. You cook the orders and hand them off to their delivery drivers. 

Delivery is one of the fastest growing segments of the restaurant industry and many experts have warned that restaurants that don't offer online ordering and delivery risk losing up to 70% of their business in the next few years. 

Opening a Virtual Restaurant with us solves this problem, and creates a great income opportunity for you.


A complete package that provides everything you need to open a profitable delivery-only restaurant, in your existing kitchen, in as little as 30 days.

There is no large upfront investment, no need for additional rent, staff or expensive new equipment, and the risk is minimal.

The Accelerator™ was developed by Virtual Restaurant Consulting, the #1 consultancy exclusively focused on the off-premise dining industry.

We are a team of uniquely experienced, data-driven market leaders at the forefront of digital dining, food engineering, digital storefronts, delivery food production, and virtual restaurant logistics.

Most importantly, we successfully operate over 50 delivery-only brands from multiple restaurants and cloud kitchens.


Any restaurateur with an existing kitchen who understands that delivery is becoming an essential component of every restaurant operation, and who wants to enter this profitable segment in the least amount of time, at the lowest cost, with less risk.

With over 60% of all restaurant food now consumed off premise, many diners clearly prefer to eat at home, and all the big restaurant chains have jumped onboard to offer delivery and steal your business.

These customers ordering online are not deciding between going out or ordering in. If they can't order from you they just choose another delivery restaurant, impacting your profits and even threatening your survival.

The Virtual Restaurant Accelerator™ launches you into this profitable segment quickly, and prevents the competition from taking your customers.


We license Two Hens, a proven, profitable menu to you, together with pricing guides, cooking guides, ingredient purchasing guides and food photos.

Then, while you become skilled at cooking these dishes, we work for you creating your custom website and setting up your social media presence.

When you are ready, usually after around 30 days, we launch your restaurant online and manage the launch marketing and promotion.

Then for the next six months we work for you managing your social media, running your promotions, and providing you with a world-class online training program in all aspects of Virtual Restaurant operations.

Finally, six months from launch, we ensure the smooth handover of everything to you, and we continue to provide remote guidance and support.



Give you a proven, profitable Two Hens menu package together with pricing guides, cooking guides, ingredient purchasing guides and food photos.

Create your custom website, and set up your social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business.



Launch your Two Hens restaurant online, and implement our launch marketing and promotion plan.

Provide a full six months of services including managing all your social media, and running your promotions on the third-party delivery platforms.

Provide you with a world-class online training program that covers every aspect of delivery-only restaurant operations.



Manage the smooth transition of social media and promotions to you.

Continue to provide ongoing remote support by answering questions, solving problems, offering menu updates and making marketing suggestions.

Offer you priority access to additional delivery-only brands.




Source your menu ingredients following our guidelines, and become skilled at cooking and packing your menu efficiently, quickly, and accurately. 






Accept orders, prepare and pack the dishes quickly and accurately, ensuring they look and taste great.

Watch our training videos to learn all aspects of running a successful Virtual Restaurant.






Take over all aspects of your new restaurant.

Grow your sales and profits by adding more of our successful Virtual Brands.


A scratch kitchen serving farm fresh eggs, the finest quality fresh produce, breads and meats, and sustainable fair trade coffee.



  • Monetizes your excess kitchen capacity, creating a higher return from your existing assets.
  • Reduces risk through diversification. Your Two Hens menu attracts a whole new group of diners.
  • Proven delicious menu designed for delivery. This not your average breakfast.
  • Tasty, flavorful, and memorable dishes mean more repeat orders.
  • All Day Breakfast is a popular and growing offer.
  • Limited ingredients and clever cross-utilization reduces inventory and increases kitchen efficiency.
  • Costed and priced for delivery profitability.
  • Suitable for multiple dayparts but flexible enough for a single daypart - breakfast only, all day breakfast, late night munchies.
  • Ideal brand to learn the delivery restaurant business. Great as a standalone brand or as the anchor of a virtual brand portfolio.
  • Puts you on the fast track to success. The delivery-only business is set to explode over the coming years, and by partnering with us you immediately launch yourself ahead of anyone ignoring this, or trying to go it alone. 


As restaurateurs we understand the importance of cash flow. Unlike other restaurant licenses that require tens and even hundreds of thousands in upfront payments, and large monthly marketing fees, the Accelerator™ has no large capital requirements, no large upfront investments, and no monthly marketing fees. Instead, we have a simple, transparent pricing structure:

  • Monthly License Fee $349 $249 with a guarantee of no fee increases for 3 full years.
  • Temporary 18% Performance-Based Service Fee - For the first six months after launch while we are performing our extensive consulting services for you, we split the net proceeds from the third-party delivery platform 82% to you and 18% to us. Then 100% to you. These net proceeds account for the third-party commissions, chargebacks for incorrect or failed orders, and the promotions that you authorize us to manage for the first six months.  
  • One-Time Launch Contribution $199  - A one-time contribution to marketing at the time of launch, so we can implement our launch promotion and marketing plan.  

With this business-friendly model, six months after launch, no matter how high your sales or how successful you are, our only fee is the $249 monthly license, which includes ongoing support, a protected delivery territory, menu improvements, marketing suggestions, and first option on additional delivery-only brands.

Delivery Is Here To Stay. It's The Fastest Growing Segment Of The Restaurant Industry. To Survive & Grow Every Restaurant Needs A Delivery Strategy.

 66% of restaurant food is now consumed off-premise

58% of all diners say they are now more likely to order food for delivery

75% of Millennial and Gen Z diners say they are now more likely to order food for delivery

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