Right now, every restaurateur needs to focus on building a significant, profitable, takeout and delivery business.

Ignoring this crisis, waiting to see what happens, or just joining a third-party delivery platform and hoping for the best are not solutions.

"Delivery-only restaurants and cloud kitchens may eradicate mom-and-pop restaurants unless they adapt quickly." 

Celebrity Chef/Restaurateur David Chang

"Independent Restaurants may be doomed if they don’t respond to the powerful trends of cloud kitchens and Virtual Restaurants."

Tech Crunch

"With off-premise dining booming, offering take-out, delivery, and even creating Virtual Restaurants may be necessary to survive."

Restaurant Trends Report

"As many as 85% of independent restaurants may be forced out of business" Independent Restaurant Coalition
The Shift In Consumer Demand To Takeout & Delivery Will Continue Even After Dining Rooms Fully OpenIgnoring This Reality Will Lead to Disaster
  • 58% of all diners say they are now more likely to order food for delivery.
  • 75% of Millennial and Gen Z diners say they are now more likely to order food for delivery.
  • 94% of all diners said they would just order elsewhere if their first choice didn't offer takeout and delivery.

The Solution Is A Proven, Profitable, 3-Step Program That Ensures You...


Save your restaurant and maintain sales, even if there is another pandemic or shutdown.


Attract new customers, build profitable new revenue streams, and reduce your risk.


Increase your profits by filling  your excess kitchen capacity and underutilized dayparts.


Successfully compete with new delivery concepts from restaurant chains and ghost kitchens.


Everything You Need To Succeed With Takeout & Delivery

What is it?

A proven 3-step program to design, launch, and grow multiple profitable takeout and delivery-only restaurants, operating out of your existing restaurant kitchen, or a cloud kitchen.

Who is it for?

Everyone! Just like today's banks need ATM's and fast food restaurants need drive-thrus, the 21st century restaurant business model requires a profitable off-premise dining plan.

How does it work?

By following our 3-step plan (Build, Accelerate, Dominate) you can replace 20%, 50% or even 100%+ of your dining room sales, and keep you restaurant alive and growing. 


If you are not already offering takeout and delivery you need to start now! We show you how. The new restaurant business model cannot be 100% reliant on dine-in customers. 

If you are already offering delivery we show you how to optimize your menu for efficiency and profitability, and how to simply and economically, create a new profitable delivery menu from your existing dine-in menu.

More importantly, we give you a complete ready-to-go, done-for-you restaurant called Two Hens. This all-day breakfast restaurant is perfect for takeout and delivery, and can even be served in your dining room if suitable.

We previously licensed Two Hens for $10,000. Now it is included in your purchase with no additional investment, license fees, or royalty payments.

The Two Hens package includes everything needed to launch and grow this profitable restaurant concept. Menus, ingredient guides, kitchen and cooking manual, professional food photos, logo, website and more. You can even tailor the menu to your local market as needed.


Now it's time to accelerate your takeout and delivery sales by creating additional menus, and correctly branding and promoting those in a competitive market. You should be targeting sales of at least 5 figures a month at this stage.

Using our menu engineering tool, we show you how to quickly create additional delivery and takeout profit centers to reduce your reliance on dine-in business, and help protect you from market downturns or future pandemics.  

Off-premise dining is competitive, so you will need to distinguish your menu from the competition. The Accelerator™ includes 3 of our cleverly designed and memorable brands. You can use any or all of these for your delivery restaurants. You will be able to use the name, logo and be listed on the brand websites, and be able to post on the brand social media pages.

To further accelerate your sales, we include free marketing by featuring your restaurant prominently on our exclusive network of search engine optimized websites and social media pages seen by thousands of potential new customers every month.


Now you are ready to dominate your local delivery and takeout business and shoot for 6 figure sales! That requires more brands, more promotions, and most of all ensuring that you can profitably manage your increased sales. This critical component is overlooked by all the other programs, and this is where you really benefit from our operational success as we show you:

  • how to review, and re-engineer your menus for profitability, speed, efficient production, and travel suitability.
  • how to minimize the biggest profit killers.
  • how to manage your daily operations effectively and efficiently on multiple platforms.
  • how to build a business that is not entirely dependent on third-party delivery platforms.
  • how to use your digital dining and marketing data to increase profits.
  • how to deal with negative reviews and manage your online reputation.


Online Training Platform

As soon as you join you get full access to the entire training, tools, and Two Hens bonus, through our online portal.

You are in total control. Go at your own pace. Skip ahead if you are already experienced in certain areas. We even outline the Fast Track route for you. Watch high definition training videos, listen to audio recordings, or read the text transcripts. Access the training online anytime you like.

Profit Blueprint

Our high quality training videos reveal the exact blueprint, road map, and step-by-step instructions that we successfully use in our own profitable kitchens, and that have produced incredible results for our clients. 

We share the exact system that generates 6 figures in monthly takeout and delivery sales from our own small kitchens, and the exact system we use with our clients to increase their takeout and delivery sales up to ten times.

Menu Engineering

Your first actionable step will be creating your initial profitable menus by using our training and menu engineering tools. We explain how to decide on recipes, how to name and describe your dishes, how to cost and price your menu, how to make sure the menu can be cooked quickly and efficiently, travels well, maintains its temperature and appearance, and tastes great on arrival.

Three Exclusive Brands

Now you have created your first menus, the next step is to grab the attention of your potential customers. You can follow our excellent training to choose your own restaurant name or you can jump ahead of the competition by using any of our exclusive brands. So, for example, you can name your delivery-only restaurant "Binge Watch Burritos", or "Pretty Good Pizza", or "Acme Grilled Cheese", and you will have a catchy, memorable name, for customers, third-party delivery platforms, and search engines.

Free Marketing

In addition to these branding benefits, all Accelerator™ restaurants will be prominently featured on our exclusive network of sites supporting "Mom-and-Pop" restaurants and "eat local" together with their social media pages

Your new restaurants will also be eligible to use these exclusive review badges, both on our sites and any place your list your restaurant or menu, such as your own website and other listing sites.

Kitchen Operations Manual

This section of our training is called "Smooth Daily Operations" and it's the most critical part of your operations. Now you have created and promoted your new restaurants, the real challenge begins! You need to be able to service your orders in an efficient, profitable manner. This is where all your money is made, or lost, and we show you how to run your kitchen efficiently and avoid the two biggest profit killers - late deliveries and inaccurate orders. 

Support & Updates

Besides being available to answer questions, the Virtual Restaurant Consulting team will be keeping you up to date on everything that might impact your business, from self-driving cars and drones, to new restaurant software, to emerging third-party delivery platforms.


Your Accelerator™ subscription includes everything to launch and grow this profitable all day breakfast restaurant.


Total Flexibility. Tailor Your Two Hens Menu To Local Tastes As Required


Two Hens is a delicious all day breakfast restaurant, ideal for delivery, takeout, and even dine-in. We give you everything to open your own profitable Two Hens restaurant with all these benefits.

  • ✔️ No upfront investment, royalty payments, or monthly marketing fees, so you keep 100% of your Two Hens sales.
  • ✔️ Monetizes your excess kitchen capacity, creating a higher return from your existing assets.
  • ✔️ Reduces risk through diversification. Your Two Hens menu attracts a whole new group of diners.
  • ✔️ Proven delicious menu designed for delivery can also be served in your dining room.
  • ✔️ Tasty, flavorful, and memorable dishes mean more repeat orders.
  • ✔️ Limited ingredients and clever cross-utilization reduces inventory and increases kitchen efficiency.
  • ✔️ Costed and priced for delivery profitability.
  • ✔️ Suitable for multiple dayparts or for a single daypart - breakfast only, all day breakfast, late night munchies.
  • ✔️ Ideal brand to learn the delivery restaurant business. Great as a standalone brand or as the anchor of a virtual brand portfolio.
  • ✔️ Puts you on the fast track to success. The delivery-only business is exploding, and by partnering with us you immediately launch yourself ahead of anyone ignoring this, or trying to go it alone.

About Us

Virtual Restaurant Consulting is the #1 consultancy exclusively focused on off-premise dining.

We are uniquely experienced, data-driven market leaders at the forefront of digital dining, food engineering, delivery food production, and virtual restaurant logistics.

We successfully operate, manage and promote 300+ virtual restaurant storefronts from multiple restaurants and cloud kitchens, giving us a deep and unparalleled understanding of the off-premise dining business.

Client Success Stories

✔️ Replaced all lost dine-in sales from the Covid-19 shutdown in just 6 weeks.

✔️ Went from no delivery to $14,000/month in off-premise sales in 3 months.

✔️ Tripled the off-premise sales of another client in just 8 weeks.

✔️ Opened a 200 sq ft cloud kitchen and grew sales to $2,000/day.

✔️ Generated off-premise sales of $20,000 in one week.

✔️ Sold $15,000 of takeout and delivery in just one day of a holiday weekend.


As restaurateurs we understand the importance of cash flow, especially now. Before the pandemic we charged from $2,500 to over $10,000 each for the exact programs, tools, and training included in the Accelerator™.

In response to this crisis we have bundled all of our services, all of our knowledge, all of our vast experience and success into the Accelerator™ and established a price affordable and accessible to every restaurant owner. 

So here it is. Everything we discussed: The menu engineering, premium brands, massive exposure plan, operations training, profitability tools, and the complete TWO HENS all-day breakfast concept.

That’s over $30,000 of products, tools, training and support available to you for 3 payamnets of just $149

So, click on the join button and let's get started today.

Takeout & Delivery Success

$149 x 3

  • Profitability Blueprint
  • Complete Training
  • Menu Engineering
  • Three Virtual Brands
  • Massive Exposure Plan
  • Two Hens Bonus
  • Support & Updates
  • No Monthly Fees
Get Started


You've seen how to save and grow your restaurant with the Accelerator™. So what will you do? Will you TAKE ACTION to protect and grow your business, and profit from the huge opportunity created by delivery-only restaurants? Or will you do nothing and hope for the best?

 "In a world that is changing quickly, the one strategy guaranteed to fail is to do nothing." Mark Zuckerberg, Founder Facebook

You Can't Do This Alone

Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates and others, are tools not solutions. Whatever they promise, just signing up and hoping for success is not likely to work. If you don't learn from us to effectively manage your costs, promotions, and order accuracy, they will be a costly disaster as this restaurant (and many others) discovered.

Honestly, why would you waste your time and money learning by trial and error by yourself, when you can learn directly from the best in the industry? The mistakes you will probably make in the first month will cost 10 times more than your subscription.

"Learn from others. If you don’t see the results you want, take advice from the experts in that field."  Steve Jobs, Founder Apple

"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want, and copy what they do."  Tony Robbins, Renowned Business Coach 


Things Will Not Go Back To How They Were

Do you remember Blockbuster Video, Tower Records, Borders Books, Kodak? They all ignored changing consumer demands in their industries and now they are all gone.

Just imagine McDonald's without drive thrus, or Bank of America without ATMs.

The fact is, takeout and delivery are necessary, important and growing elements of all successful restaurants today.

 "To succeed you have to figure out what to change because doing nothing isn't a strategy."  Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon 



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